Field Case Management

Field Case Management (FCM) provides comprehensive services to assist employers, third party administrators and insurance carriers to bring a workers’ compensation case to resolution.

Everest Care Management’s FCM Services include:

  • Four point contact with injured worker, employer, insurance carrier and medical provider within 24 hours of referral.
  • An individualized case management plan is developed, including targets for return to work utilizing evidence based guidelines.
  • The pre-injury job description is obtained and reviewed by the case manager and discussed with medical providers at each appointment.
  • The case manager will attend all necessary appointments with medical providers and communicate the results of the appointments to the employer and insurance carrier within 24 hours.
  • Goals and objectives are formulated with the inclusion of the injured worker.
  • The case manager coordinates all medical treatment including physical therapy, diagnostic testing and specialist referrals.
  • Return to work is coordinated by the case manager.
  • Hospital/rehabilitation visits, physical therapy visits and home visits are only conducted when pre-approved.