Medical Management Solutions

Medical Management Solutions (MMS) offers a blend of field case management and telephonic case management services.

MMS includes all aspects of telephonic case management services but also provides for the inclusion of task assignments.

A task assignment may be needed to attend a single physician appointment for the purpose of gathering medical information. MMS is a cost effective solution when full field case management services are not warranted.

Upon completion of the task assignment, the case manager may, in cooperation with the employer and/or insurance carrier, recommend telephonic or field case management services.

Everest Care Management’s MMS Services include:

  • Four point contact with injured worker, employer, insurance carrier and medical provider within 24 hours of referral.
  • A comprehensive records review is completed by the case manager.
  • The pre-injury job description is obtained, reviewed by the case manager and made available to medical providers.
  • The case manager will attend pre-approved task appointments and communicate the results of the appointments to the employer and insurance carrier within 24 hours.
  • At the conclusion of the task assignment, the employer or insurance carrier may request additional task assignments, request case manager close the file or proceed with telephonic or field case management services.